Do you offer cake tastings? We include cake tastings for cakes over $300 where we personalize each tasting to each couple!

Is there a fee for a tasting? Yes. Due to limited availability, high demand and the fact that we make everything fresh just for you, there is a small fee of $50. Our tasting box includes enough servings for 2 people, each additional person is an additional $10. Please keep in mind that cake samples are prepared just for you- we ask a courtesy of 48 hours to reschedule or cancel.

What should I bring to our tasting? It's always helpful to have your venue picked out, color, and floral decisions prior to the meeting, but those are things that can be determined after too! We ask that you bring any elements you have that we can take inspiration from- pictures of your dress, colors you like. Pinterest and Instagram are great tools to draw inspiration from.

How many flavors can I chose for my cake? As many as you like! We recommend2 flavors, for ease of serving your guests. 

I only have 25 people coming to my wedding, what can I do? A great new alternative in the wedding cake world are dummie cakes. We can achieve the look without all the left overs! We supply you with a sheet cake and enough servings cut and ready for your 25 guests!

How far in advance should I order my cake? We recommend as early as possible. Some days are completely booked out, so the earlier the better.

Do you make dessert tables, cupcakes or cookies? We love making it all, email us at for pricing options.

I want fresh flowers, how do I arrange this? You'll arrange this directly with the florist. give him our contact information and we will collaborate as a team.

How do I sign up for Baked Box? Subscriptions launch this February, until then you can purchase our available boxes in the "shop" menu.

I just bought my first box, what can I expect? We ship boxes out after 2 business days and ship out with Standard ground shipping, which should get to you in roughly 7 business days, however we do follow up with a second email this stating your tracking number. If you need expedited shipping we will do our best to accommodate you.

Where do you ship? Shipping is readily available in the US & Internationally, keeping in mind International Shipping is a bit pricier and may take longer to recieve.

Can I send Baked Box as a gift? Absolutely! Baked Box makes a great gift for anyone, when checking out in your shopping cart, please list GIFT! Baked Box can even help with certain announcements/invitations (i.e. bridesmaids, maid of honor, baby, we even scale down our boxes for to go favors!)

Can I include a personalized message? Of course! We love to personalize. Email us at to inquire about personalize Baked Boxes.

Can I return my Baked Box or any other products? Due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns however we will try our best to resolve the issue.