baked box

We pack up our favorite recipes and send them directly to your doorstep to help you bake that one little thing you've been dying to make, or just learn a new skill! Its such a good time! 


How it works

Every month we design and develop a box just for you. We send all the dry ingredients you'll need along with the best extra little goodies to make your box the ultimate project. We curate our boxes alongside holidays, seasons and trends, we even gift boxes. They make great bridesmaid announcements, baby announcements and favors. All you'll need to add are a few things you probably already have lying around like some milk, eggs or butter. We use all organic ingredients to insure the best quality bake ever, measured perfectly for you! Along with your box get a great guide on how to get the most out of your box, and how to reuse! Subscribe to receive a copy of our monthly baked box newsletter and don't forget to hit SHOP to receive our box delivered straight to your doorstep each month!